About A Little Weather 

People come to appreciate my weaving from a variety of angles. They see its functional value as well as its artistic beauty. I live and work in Appalachia, where the roots of weaving are deep. In making contemporary heirlooms that contribute to our American craft heritage, I’m working to bring a threadbare history back into consideration.

I am moved by traditional “women's work,” and believe there is great merit to following in the footsteps of those who came before us. By tending the flame of household weaving, I aim to keep the fierce and tender craft alive and remembered. My work takes inspiration from the designs of Colonial American coverlets, which I deconstruct and reinvent to discover a draft that feels like my own retelling of the past. 

As a homesteader, I seek to integrate my work with my lifestyle. Each one of my pieces grows from the cornerstones of hard work, handwork, usefulness and beauty. Raising my animals, spinning their wool, foraging for natural dyes, and weaving mere threads into cozy, timeless textiles are integral tasks that ground me in the world, and help me be the person I want to be within it.  The self-sufficiency and hard work of a time gone by are distilled in the weaving of my goods, and will imbue any household with the warmth, handwork, and spirit of a life thouroughly lived.






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