assistere: to stand by

i had the distinct pleasure of studying with and assisting
Judith MacKenzie (at the John C. Folk School)
a woman who is so loved and respected by the fiber community.

she has an amazing background and is a very intriguing fiber artist
but it is her more subtle qualities that make her stand out to me as especially dear.

she has a knack for making all who cross her path feel more seen and confident than they felt even moments before.
she is one of the few teachers who is able to have space for infinite methods- suggesting that there is a time and place for any technique.
and the time she spends with each one of her students feels like eternity.
she treats each one of us like we are both, the only one in the room, and, part of a beautiful whole community. 

Judith doesn't just teach her craft, she teaches how to be an integrated human being-
fearless, humble and living with heart.


photo curtosy of Elizabeth Larson Photography

photo curtosy of Elizabeth Larson Photography

one night while Judith and I were walking home, 
she said, "I hope you know, I know how lucky I am."
i replied, "I know, and we all know how lucky we are too."
and then she said what moved me most
 "the most beautiful thing i've crafted is my life"
and then she went to bed
and i walked home in the dark listening to the night.

© Copyright 2013, A Little Weather, Jessica Green.