planting seeds on public radio

Planet Money: Seed to Shirt

Planet Money: Seed to Shirt

i'd like to start out by saying:
i have conflicted feelings about NPR.
often, their reporting is too glossy for my liking.
and they tend to ignore the uncomfortable underbelly of certain subject matters...

all that being said- i still think this project from Planet Money is worth a look:
 Seed to Shirt

true to NPR form-
so far the investigation hasn't mentioned any of the human rights violations that go hand in hand with the international garment industry.

we were all reminded of our recklessness by the collapse of the garment factory in Bangladesh this past April.
 (which has yet to be mentioned by the Planet Money reports..)  

but even simply as a chronicle of movement the aforementioned project is disturbing.
one t-shirt getting shipped all over the world.

although the pictures are of smiling faces- i don't want my cloth to come from places in these photos: Planet Money's Seed to Shirt Blog

this is an early step. 

S L O W    C L O T H   will become as important as    S L O W    F O O D.
       (local cloth)           is becoming as important as        (local food)                                             

it's important to know who makes your wares.
it's important to support a vibrant lively hood for crafts people.
it's vital that we change our minds about cloth.
just as we are changing our minds about food.

let's slow down and make a change.

let's slow down and make a change.

a lovely (and important) little article
on the subject from the Alabama Chanin blog
 (with some good links for more information too...)


i invite us all to investigate where our cloth comes from.
and to be intentional about how we adorn our lives.


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