feeling at home in your life.


now it's time for something new.

i'm not necessarily one for resolutions, but i do love occasions to reflect.
and the deep darkness of middle winter, and the dawning of a new year welcomes reflection with a hearty
"hell yes!"

this past year has been, without a doubt, the advent of the most intentional life changes i've ever ever made.
namely- putting all my faith into my looms and my bursting heart beating love of this craft
and committing to my partner and a place in ways that feel like forever.
i often call it "the rest of my life".

and this year. on the eve of the solstice i had the sweetest revelation- and i'm calling it
                                               "feeling at home in my life"
i was awake in the middle of the night, and in the foreign lands of Milwaukee, and very surprisingly alone, and reached out to my homegirl with this epic text................yep, epic text ceremony..........


"it's so early in the morning on our planets darkest night and i'm overwhelmed with an idea of when your life feels like home ...feeling at home in your life. That's a big deal. And i feel so at home in my life, and there's an interesting ceremony that goes along with that feeling- a ceremony of really letting go and closing so many other doors. And the ceremony puts itself in motion, it feels like a law of physics or something. We can only have one home at a time (maybe).......there's so much grief in it all and so much acceptance. I'm just feeling a lot of new variations of feelings. It all feels tectonic. And my heart is so broken and so at home. (I'm in need of having some solstice ceremony and texting you is such a hilariously perfect answer to that ...I'm so lucky to have you)"

photo 2-3.JPG

a little long winded....
but that's the prayer- may we all feel at home in our lives.

© Copyright 2013, A Little Weather, Jessica Green.