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Dear Crusaders,

Wow. It's really happening.
We have been blown away by the response, so thank you! Thank you so much for being excited to contribute to this wild vision that truly has the potential to grow into a revolutionary home that we each can build and add to as our lives allow.

This meeting, this woodshed, is the key first ingredient and we are SO EXCITED to share some time with each of you, for some magic strangers to meet each other, to be humbled and fired up by your wild geniuses and beautiful ideas, by your brains and hearts that are so various and diverse and to have the opportunity to build a strong and resilient system that springs from this incredible community.

Wow, more gratitude. Jeeze, thanks. Seriously.

Below is a schedule of the way these 4 days will play out.
From December 15-18, give yourself permission to be on a mini retreat to re-design a slice of society you want to be a part of. We'll go over this in the initial welcome, but this will not be a fucking stale "meeting". This is a seriously exciting time where we get to tend the flames of our personal motivating desires; investigate how we can participate by using systems, models, and Cabbage Schools to encourage the world we want to see; and come together, be heartened by this community of folks who are seeking to live fully. We recognize that we'll have a mountain full of different learning styles- so please, take a break if you need a break, go for a walk- it's beautiful here, be honest with yourself and the room. We are here to scaffold as best we can, and we can't wait to keep learning how to do it better, so stay in communication with us- we are here to make this as effective as possible.

Thank you. One million thank yous.
And ferocious love from these little beating hearts,

Jessica and Daniel


Thursday, December 15

Folks will be arriving throughout the day. Getting oriented to the land and the wild building that will house our Woodshed Summit and, ultimately, the Cabbage School.


Friday, December 16

We'll begin the day with a morning hike along the ridge lines of Sandy Mush. Taking in the land, deepening and developing a relationship with these mountains so that our conversation can be truly rooted in right where we are.

The day will progress into some big visioning, butcher paper on the floor, imagination mining, vision revision, big hearts dreaming. Some sweet community discussion. Followed by a brief orientation towards fundraising.

Dinner and Contra Dancing!!











Saturday, December 17

This is the day we get into the nitty gritty for 2017. How is it all going to shake down? What are the achievable actions we can each commit to? What are the possibilities for folks realistic involvement?

We'll start out the day with some logistics, like the in's and out's of non-profit status. And we'll spend the afternoon visioning a two week practice session that will happen Summer 2017 and how to throw a big launch party this spring that feels exciting and aligned with the values of the Cabbage School.

At the end of the day, if we aren't exhausted...let's have a dance party!









Sunday, December 18th

In wrapping up the weekend, we'll cycle back to our initial Visioning from Friday- and break into groups to have some smaller discussions on specific topics, goals, dreams and ways of working.

We'll talk alittle more about how to keep moving forward and make some realistic commitments as a community and as individuals to manifest a space that feels necessary in response to these wild times.

In the afternoon, the folks of Sandy Mush will join us to discuss the community needs of Sandy Mush farmers and homesteaders and how to integrate a roving work party that effectively contributes to the hardworking folks of these hollers.



5:15pm Community Welcome
Jess and Daniel will give an overview of why we are all gathered here and what will happen for the next few days

6:30 Dinner
Homegrown dinner followed by some sweet hangin' as we continue to arrive together.


9-Noon Morning Hike
Get outside, get to know each other, get to know these hills.

12:15pm Lunch

1-3pm Strategic Working Session// VISIONING
We'll walk around the main building and out buildings thinking about best use of space. Then we'll convene and draw our imaginations and goals into maps which will help guide the rest of the weekend.

3:15-4:30pm Discussion
We'll discuss some aspects from the "Homework Essays" (stay tuned, we'll be linking ya'll to some exciting essays) and folks will talk about other schools and programs they've worked with in the past and how aspects relate to the Cabbage School

5-6pm Fundraising Overview
A couple of community members will discuss initial fundraising and long-term donor cultivation efforts

7pm Dinner

8:30pm (actually no contra, but folks can contra dance at Warren Wilson on Thursdsay)


9-10am Narratives, Storytelling and Business Planning
Adele Stafford of Voices Industry will discuss the importance of storytelling and sharing information as a part of forming new projects

10:15-Noon Strategic Working Session//
2 week summer session 2017

We'll give the school a practice beginning our first summer (2017) by only offering one session pulling from our community for teachers and students: 3 classes, 25 students (8 students per class) for two weeks. We need to identify the ideal 3 classes to best frame the school and what it offers for our first season.

12:15pm Lunch

1-3 Participation for 2017
We'll identify immediate achievable actions and channel our enthusiasms into realistic tasks: writing, fundraising, readying the space, planning a launch party, publicity and photography and strategic planning for summer 2017 courses

3-5 Nap time or Group Adventure

6:30ish Dinner

Nighttime Dance Party <3


10-Noon Strategic Working Session//

Little break out sessions to go in depth with topics that were identified as a part of our initial dream session. 

12:15 Lunch

1-3:30pm Group Project
TBA- We're not sure what this will be, yet, but think it's important that we all make something together- maybe we make patches maybe we play a giant game of exquisite corpse...maybe genius will strike sometime during the past couple days...but we want us to be able to leave this meeting with something tangible as the first artifact of this piece of the revolution.

4-6pm Open Sandy Mush Community Meeting
The Cabbage School is born out of these mountains and will stay connected as a necessary part of this community- so we need all the community voices we can gather to contribute to it's conception. How can we be in service to the places we call home?

6pm The biggest THANKYOU.
feel free to stick around for a Sandy Mush community pot luck!

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