I have spent the past couple of years weaving only custom requests (which, of course, could include any item from my production line), and it has been a joy and a pleasure to work directly with individuals to find a beautiful cloth where there once was none. Please be in touch with your big and small ideas, with the web of your heart’s weirdest and most hopeful dreams- I would love to find the song the threads will sing for you.

The first 5+ years of A Little Weather was weaving very small batch for retail. It was a delight, I worked with wonderful vendors, had amazing weavers working with me in my North Carolina studio, and received so much support for my work it was able to be my full time gig for awhile.

I worked my butt off and achieved many goals that warmed my heart and helped shape me and gave me the confidence to make some wild leaps in my life- both on and off the loom. When the land next-door to my little homestead in the mountains of North Carolina went under foreclosure (a tale to tell for sure)- I was able to purchase it and turn it into the “rigorous, skills based, fool school”, The Cabbage School- which I ran with a band of brigands until the Covid portal had other plans for all of us. I am so proud of The Cabbage School, love the life that came alongside it, and am forever thankful to everyone who threw themselves into that project- ready to fail and flail and grow and get brave together. (You can read more about that project here).And I am now sitting on the tiny seed of my next dumspecial idea- The Field School of Forgotten Skills- more on that dreamspell coming soon.