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I have spent the past couple of years weaving only custom requests (which, of course, could include any item from my production line), and it has been a joy and a pleasure to work directly with individuals to find a beautiful cloth where there once was none. Please be in touch with your big and small ideas, with the web of your heart’s weirdest and most hopeful dreams- I would love to find the song the threads will sing for you.

Field School of Forgotten Skills

Feel free to holler if you’re interested in contributing to this finite world of our own making, if your keen to help us imagine some kind of map for us to read the stars by. I like to bring strange collections of folks together and invite friends and almost strangers to do strange things to coax a living world back into being. So, if you’d like to, let the idea of a Field School of Forgotten Skills roll around in your imagination, curious what might spring up and rear its weird head asking to be brought to the party…and feel free to remember or forget this invitation, feel free to consider what your forgotten skills may be or what you’d be keen on remembering…