The Cabbage School

An ever evolving alternative school
an ongoing performance

[2012 - 2020]

In its conception, The Cabbage School has looked to the various disparate but resonating traditions of alternative education, experimental communities, radical politics and philosophy, with the careful hope of walking the narrow line of a dynamic and open institution in an age when institutions have lost our confidence and are collapsing all around us.

As our confidence in institution collapses, the Cabbage School intends to bring people together –– creating community around the practice of being and making––with slowness, care and intention. Collaborative and non-hierarchical by nature, it serves as a refuge for those looking to commune with themselves, eachother, and the ways of nature. In the spaciousness it offers, there is room for us to reflect upon our place in the cosmos and our greater meaning and puspose in a world that is begging us to slow down and listen.

The “rigorous, skills based, fool school”, The Cabbage School––which I ran with a band of brigands until the Covid portal had other plans for all of us.
I am so proud of The Cabbage School, love the life that came alongside it,  and am forever thankful to everyone who threw themselves into this project–– 
ready to fail and flail and grow and get brave together.

Thank you.